GPG, California

  • • As Senior Associate with consulting firm, designing, managing, and facilitating different client projects, for strategic planning, capacity building, stakeholder collaboration for shared goals, etc.

Other assignments

  • • Providing nonprofit capacity building support, including board development.



Supported capacity-building of USAID Mission in Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning (MEL). First visit: Administered & analyzed results of MEL training needs assessment and developed MEL training & capacity building plan for Mission. Second visit: Produced 3-day detailed MEL training module for Mission staff using adult education, participatory processes.


Provided technical assistance and training to IREX partner national NGO in Kuwait, through two field visits, in NGO sector building and organizational and programmatic capacity building, along with design and facilitation of staff strategic planning workshop, with external stakeholder assessment.

“Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about.” ~Margaret Wheatly
“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.” ~John Scharr

Consultant, Technical Assistant, Trainer, and Facilitator in Project Support, Capacity Building/Capacity Development, Stakeholder Collaboratives/Partnering, etc. for individuals, leadership/management, teams, and organizations, especially nonprofits, NGOs, and INGOs

Key Qualifications

  • Internationally recognized capacity building/development specialist with 40+ years of international development experience with individuals, teams, community groups, and organizations including NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies, multilaterals and governments in 49 countries worldwide.
  • Solid experience in providing technical assistance in program planning, analysis, assessment, and monitoring & evaluation on multiple civil society, health, education, food security, and agriculture programs/projects implemented by international development key players including CARE, Counterpart International, Pact, Save the Children, The Asia Foundation, UNICEF, UN-FAO, etc.
  • Expertise in designing and leading high-impact trainings, workshops, and tools on organizational and program capacity building, including strategic planning, stakeholder collaboratives/partnership development, leadership/management, etc. honed by a wealth of practical experience in field and program management and past senior leadership roles in large humanitarian and development assistance programs.
  • Expertise in various methodologies and processes in workshop design and facilitation including participatory adult learning and interactive approach, as well as in Appreciative Inquiry applications, resulting in increased engagement and participant ownership in support of more positive change efforts. Highly skilled in development of training modules and curriculum, as well as the delivery of Training of Trainers (ToT).
  • Excellent multicultural communication abilities, fluent in English with intermediate Spanish. Highly adept in relationship building in diverse cultures and in leading and integrating programs and stakeholder groups.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, and Indonesian

On-site consultancies include assignments in the USA and internationally

  • Africa: Ethiopia and Kenya (6x); Zimbabwe (4x); Malawi and Mozambique (3x); Uganda and Tanzania (2x); Botswana, Ghana, Mali, The Gambia, and Liberia
  • Asia/Pacific Islands: Indonesia (11x); Vietnam (6x); Japan, Philippines (5x); Thailand and Nepal (4x); Bangladesh (2x); China (2x); Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Kiribati, and Tuvalu
  • Latin America/Caribbean: Dominican Republic (2x); Nicaragua (2x), Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Haiti
  • Middle East: West Bank and Gaza (Palestine) (3x); Jordan, Kuwait, and Egypt
  • Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Russia: Kyrgyzstan (7x); Kazakhstan (4x); Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Armenia (3x); Georgia (2x); Afghanistan (2x), Tajikistan, and Russia (2x)


  • Christopher Szecsey, Co-Author, The State of California Department of Education: Positive Institutional Change Through Appreciative Inquiry, in Exceeding Expectations: An Anthology of Appreciative Inquiry Stories in Education, Taos Institute Publications/WorldShare Books, 2014.
  • Christopher Szecsey, Co-Author, Inspiration, Engagement, and Empowerment: A Strong Learning Community‚Äôs Journey for Continuous Improvement with Appreciative Inquiry, in Exceeding Expectations: An Anthology of Appreciative Inquiry Stories in Education, Taos Institute Publications/WorldShare Books, 2014.

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